Eco Friendly Packaging

When we began, we dreamed of creating the perfect unboxing experience, with a fancy box with fun fill and dividers holding our products nested perfectly inside a larger shipping box, with even more filler material to keep that box safe, increasing the anticipation...

Then it hit us. We chose organic and high quality ingredients not only to help remove harsh chemicals from our immediate environment, but also to help the planet. So how does making the perfect presentation using materials that deplete natural resources and use processes that don't support our vision match that? That's right- it doesn't. So. We shifted our focus and began searching for a packaging company that holds the same values.

Eco Friendly Packaging

EcoEnclose, an innovative company working to cut waste, fit the bill perfectly. They create custom sized boxes and corrugated bubble wrap for us to help reduce the need to add more packing material to fill larger boxes. Their tapes and bags use recycled plastic.

Less packaging: lighter for shipping

  • Smaller orders ship in padded mailers instead of boxes to reduce the energy needed to ship heavier boxes
  • Larger orders ship in 100% recycled boxes and we use cellophane tape with natural rubber backing and different types of paper protective material to keep your products safe while reducing waste. 

Reduce plastic waste:

  • In place of plastic packing tape, we use tape with a cellophane backing with a natural rubber adhesive crafting the perfect tape. It is entirely plant-derived, renewable, and naturally biodegradable.
  • Paper packing tape is a biodegradable blend of paper backing and pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive
  • The small internal 100% recycled polyethylene bags can be reused- there is a second seal that can be used once you open our original seal. and the bags can be recycled (again!) anywhere that plastic bags are accepted. 
  • In place of plastic bubble wrap, we use Corrugated Bubble Wrap comprised of 100% recycled cardboard made entirely from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, which is is completely recyclable & naturally biodegradable.
  • If more void fill is needed, we use shredded script pages. something about how much paper we need to use and how it can easily be recycled once received

As a small company, we are also able to reuse boxes and shipping materials from all the ingredients we order, instead of adding them to the recycling pile.

We hope that you will reuse and recycle all of the packaging to help!

    In the coming months, we hope to add even more eco friendly options, including both deodorant and lip balm in paperboard tubes!